A Scottish Castle Jewish wedding in the company of Susanne Neville and Gina.

It has been somewhat of a drought on the blog recently … my apologies. I’ve had the most wonderfully busy summer and I will be sharing these weddings with you very soon.

Now, this wedding was over a whole weekend, which meant lots of fun at Dundas castle. To be in among all the bustle of this grand occasion was a very special thing. I will not lie: this was a first for me …  a sunny day in November in Scotland. I lived in Glasgow for seven years and how can I forget 90 days of continuous rain? The fact that the sun was shining and we managed to shoot at the top of the castle was a fantastic bonus.  Thank you Sara and Elliot, it was an amazing weekend. PS Oh and look at the shoebox… custom made Ginas! Oh my goodness! xx