Valentines Park Wedding – Claudine Hartzel PhotographyValentines Park Wedding

It’s been a while for blogging, I am back to work full steam ahead as you can see here on my interview on Smashing The Glass blog

To Be photographing in the old mansion that has been refurbished at Valentines Park was a real treat, it’s my old hood.

I was so happy to be photographing a wedding at this beautiful venue surrounded by the most serene park. It’s a venue that is quite quirky for a wedding. I recently had a client change a date for this venue and was really gutted as already booked! Anybody else getting married at Valentines Park¬† Mansion as would love to photograph your wedding!?

Enjoy… and a big thank you the Polly and Alan for allowing me to photograph their wedding… extra pressure as Alan is a photographer. X
Valentines park wedding_0212.jpg
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valentines-park-wedding_0272.jpg valentines-park-wedding_0271.jpg valentines-park-wedding_0270.jpgValentines park wedding_0259.jpg
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