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Hello! I’m Claudine,

I live in London with my husband and two girls,  I have been taking and processing photographs since I was 13 when my dad built me a darkroom in our garage. I was so passionate about what I was learning I managed to get a 1st-class degree in Photography from Glasgow School of Art. I always wanted to be an artist, studying Fine Art gave me a wealth of inspiration and now so does Netflix! I’m always looking for the romantic edge, natural look that filmic quality. I’m a romantic… just give me your love story NOW!! I met my partner at school, he was dreamy… but apparently I was too young. Fast forward 16 years and facebook we managed to meet up and rest is history. I’ve been photographing (cough cough) for many years but had this amazing business since 2009 (the year my eldest was born, Clementine) I alway’s say I’ve seen it all having photographed 100’s of weddings, but I haven’t

I  get my inspiration is from my clients, every year I’m inspired by the way they make decisions, their relationships, speeches, and their commitment. I’m a “I can help you feel comfortable” photographer, I firmly believe that if a client is uncomfortable then the pictures will be uncomfortable. My job is to make you feel like you are not having your photo taken, and to admit that you are really enjoying yourself in front of the camera when normally you find it painful. I will work out your best side. I will stop if you have had enough… (golden hour is questionable!!) and I will never leave without knowing that you are happy.

I’ve won stuff for my photographs, my first award was from Epping Council, I was 16 when I entered the competition. I could not believe that I had won… this made me realise that I could inspire people with my work.

I’m not into fads, I just want to make beautiful images… I want to capture the emotion, the funny bits (this is the nosy parker in me also known as documentary photographer) Then I want to create stunning portraits and this is the fashion photographer in me and I can create images that I have drawled over in magazines. A massive part of my work where I thrive is in the editing process, this is the quiet time, the time where I’m creating the story and memories.

OK so here goes the 10 things about me… that you didn’t know but now everyone knows!



  1. I am deaf in my right ear (which i think makes me spider sense when it comes to photography)
  2. My daughters are called Penelope & Clementine
  3. I lived and worked in Amstrdam for 4 years.
  4. I am a very fast swimmer
  5. My husband is a Journalist
  6. My dad is a famous Spiritual Healer (if you are into that type of thing!) Michael!!
  7. My trousers have split at a wedding, thankfully I was wearing black undies… and I’m very fast at sewing!
  8. I LOVE camera tech (go figure)

…because it’s photographing people on the happiest day of their lives. I feel privileged to be able to record such important and inspiring moments. I have the best seat in the house and what gives me so much pleasure is to make the most of this amazing opportunity. Whether it is a humorous moment, a beautiful portrait, a landscape or still life, I will cover every aspect of the day  I will record your day as it unfolds, collecting stunning images that capture the events, personalities and atmosphere of this special event.



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